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Easing the Pain of Radiation

Easing the Pain of Radiation

February 28th, 2020

A Partner in Radiation Recovery
We Support Comfort During Radiation
Easing the Pain of Radiation

Many women going through the radiation process for breast cancer find themselves uncomfortable due to skin feeling sunburned and/or discomfort with scars from surgery. They need a bra that is going to be comfortable that they can wear when working and functioning in everyday life. So when we were approached by Toray, a Japanese company that is an innovator in technology including fabrics, we were excited about a role in helping them develop the HugFit Radiation Bra for women to wear as an everyday bra while going through this process! Its features include:

  • a unique blend of buttery, soft fabric
  • seams on the outside of the bra so as not to irritate sensitive skin
  • pockets for puffs or prosthesis (also on the outside of the bra)
  • the ability to keep creams and oils on the skin without getting onto clothing
We’ve learned a lot during the development of this bra and are taking in feedback so we can make it more supportive for larger-chested women, hence the limited range of sizes at this time–currently it’s available in medium, large and extra large.
Please bear with us as we work to design a better product to help women be as comfortable as possible during this tough process.
For more information, check it out here.
We welcome your questions or comments below.
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