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Prody Drainage Bulb Holder Provides Ease in Recovery

Prody Drainage Bulb Holder Provides Ease in Recovery

April 14th, 2020

Our Larissa Post-Surgical Bra contains a patented feature, making it unique and very helpful to both the patient and the caregiver.  The ProdyTM Drainage Bulb Holder is built into our bra, allowing drains to be managed much easier than alternative methods. The Velcro tab allows it to hook onto the bra easily, secure it, and see when it is time to be emptied. No need for cumbersome things like pins, pockets, lanyards, loops that allow it hang—all potentially dangerous as well. One place you can’t wear the Larissa Bra? In the shower. And yet, you need to be able to manage the drains easily and safely in there as well. This is why the Prody Drainage Bulb Holder can be a great additional item to have during your recovery. The band can wrap around your body with Velcro-type tabs and allows you to attach the drains so you can safely shower. Many women appreciate having this item and, yet, it’s something no one thinks about until they are in that situation. So in lieu of flowers or a card, this would be a great gift option for a loved one post-surgery. Click here for more information and to order one too!

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