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  • Easing the Pain of Radiation

    Posted on February 25 2020

    Many women going through the radiation process for breast cancer find themselves uncomfortable due to skin feeling sunburned and/or discomfort with scars from surgery. They need a bra that is going...

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  • The Bonita Bag aka Lasagna 2.0

    Posted on November 19 2019

    Where did these names come from, you might ask? Well, I’ll start with Bonita. It was our mom’s official first name, although she went by Bonnie, and we wanted to...

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  • Giving Back to Gilda's Club

    Posted on October 05 2019

    When we think about cancer, it's about understanding symptoms, hearing the diagnosis or enduring the treatment. But the experience, of course, goes beyond that. There is intense stress on the...

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  • Things We Love in March

    Posted on March 18 2019

    As we approach the first day of spring, it’s a perfect time to look at renewal and hope. We’re always watching for what’s positive in the world, and here are...

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  • Things We Love in February

    Posted on February 13 2019

    In this month bursting with the color red, hearts and candy, we want to celebrate some amazing things we've learned and loved. Of course, we’re still on the path to...

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  • Why Are We "Going Red"?

    Posted on February 01 2019

    Fox 5 San Diego recently reported: According to the AHA, coronary heart disease affects roughly 6.6 million women. Women also suffer strokes more often than men, with 55,000 more women than men...

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