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Things We Love in March

Things We Love in March

Things We Love in March

By |March 18th, 2019|News

As we approach the first day of spring, it’s a perfect time to look at renewal and hope. We’re always watching for what’s positive in the world, and here are our favorite recent events and findings to remind us that every day there are so many reasons to be thankful:

We hear a lot about the challenge and discomfort lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. Even when a patient does everything ‘right,’ they can still develop this condition. However, two recent microsurgical options are presenting a solution to this painful problem. We’re hopeful that more surgeons will consider these options in treatment. Learn more about how some doctors are now treating lymphedema.

When faced with chemo, this patient had a little fun with costumes to stay positive and put a smile on other people’s faces. We love her spirit! Read the inspirational story of this survivor and fighter.

Out of the the 36th AnnualMiami Breast Cancer Conference® comes positive news: “If there is a theme for this year’s conference, it’s a move away from a one-size-fits all approach to breast cancer in favor of a very targeted one. We are treating breast cancer much more specifically then we ever have,” said Patrick I. Borgen, MD. This includes major developments in diagnostics, new and emerging targeted therapies, immunotherapy, imaging, and surgery, Borgen noted in an interview in advance of the event.

And there’s more progress on the breast cancer front: a new drug has been approved in Australia for women with early stage HER2-positive (HER2+) breast cancer. This significant development may reduce risk of recurrence, and we are grateful for the new hope that it gives women battling this type of cancer—and we hope it become accessible for more women around the globe.

We wish you a beautiful spring!

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