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Giving Back to Gilda’s Club

Giving Back to Gilda’s Club

By |October 5th, 2019|News

When we think about cancer, it’s about understanding symptoms, hearing the diagnosis or enduring the treatment. But the experience, of course, goes beyond that. There is intense stress on the family as well as emotional stress as a person with the diagnosis feeling like life is on hold.

Gilda’s Club provides a unique support system. “No one should face cancer alone. These simple words sum up the Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ philosophy.” This goes for everyone impacted by cancer—people living with it, as well as their friends, families and even caregivers. Those affected receive social, emotional and psychological support from licensed mental health professionals.

This unique and important perspective is why we’re supporting Gilda’s Club with a donation of 5% of purchases on our site during October and learn more about this community of hope. Please join us in supporting this worthy cause.

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