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Our Mission: Supporting the Community of Breast Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Our Mission: Supporting the Community of Breast Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Beyond delivering comfortable post-surgical bras for breast cancer patients, we work to be a resource and serve the community through contributions to the Susan G. Komen® + Friends of Komen Program

For those of us who live in colder climates, May is the time of year when spring has sprung (minus an occasional snowstorm)! People get excited to be outdoors and enjoy then warmth of the sun.

This month kicked off some new business relationships, including a partnership with the Susan G. Komen® + Friends of Komen Program. We have had to overcome some big obstacles, but with the help of new partners, we have been able to grow our product line and support organizations like Susan G. Komen®  and all the amazing things they are doing to invest in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer. During May, we are donating 20% of all online purchases to this organization to support their vision.

We believe our mom has played a role over the years in helping us navigate opportunities and challenges as a small women-owned business. When we wanted to give up, our mom’s angel wings would show up and bring some good to us that would encourage us to keep looking ahead.

We went through the breast cancer journey with our mom and, while haven’t experienced it ourselves, we feel for the women that do. It’s why we push forward to help women, following in our mom’s legacy, who had a career in social work and helping others.

Our goal is to be a resource for women, as a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. We will continue to perfect our post-surgical bras, build our product line and assist each patient in her journey in any way we can.

Whether you've personally been touched by breast cancer as a survivor or loved one or caregiver of a survivor, we support you.

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