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But really, what’s my bra size??

But really, what’s my bra size??

I was reminded that it’s tough to buy a bra in person or online. That’s why we created our What’s My Size page.

It all started when I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer and absolutely fell in love with the dress the bride picked! Tiny dress straps reminded me that my current strapless bra needed to be replaced. So I made the trip to the mall and went to pick out a new one. When wandering around the store, I was immediately stopped and asked if I knew my size. Of course I do! But…upon measuring since last year, I learned it had changed. Thinking, “no I haven’t changed at all,” I still pulled my current size from the rack and headed to the dressing room. After trying a few, I heard a knock at the door. “Did I need help?” Yes, I needed to try that size on after all, just to see. She brought me three bras. They fit like a glove. I brought them home and wore one that day and I felt amazing. It was so comfortable. And it reminded me, the band size and cup were just numbers, I really needed to know what fits so that I felt my best.

We encourage you to visit the What’s My Size page to learn more about sizing for you or the woman you’re buying for, so that you can get the best, most comfortable fit in a post-surgical bra. And as always, please contact us with questions—we’re here to support you!

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