Yummy food that’s good too!Jun. 21st

I try so hard to eat right, really focus on the fruits and veggies, always the wheat bread, low on sugary drinks and even limited coffee. However, there are certain things I love, like potatoes in ANY form at all. While I try to switch it up, they are kind of starchy, I think about other foods I could eat instead. Enter cauliflower. AND cauliflower mashed potatoes. Maybe because I eat simply, am not thinking about the nutrition of children (yet) and don’t have a whole lot of time, I’ve missed out on this trend of sneaking veggies into meals and enjoying the full flavor! Is everyone in on this but me? Also, I had totally forgotten about celery, not really focused except at parties where there’s dip with a pile of dipping choices, the classic Bloody Mary where there’s a garden sticking out, or ants on a log back in grade school…that being said, did you know that celery is a gourmet ingredient these days? Simple food is getting good, and you know, it’s still good for you! Celery is packed with benefits and cauliflower is directly connected to the fight against breast cancer, among other benefits.

So don’t be ‘out to lunch’ like me…before you settle for something tasty but less healthy, or healthy meals that are boring, spice up your life by incorporating the deliciousness of ingredients like these! You won’t be disappointed. On that note…here are a couple guides to making the best decisions when buying–fresh or pre-prepared. Enjoy!

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