What's my size?

We're passionate about helping you find the perfect fit. Watch this video and view the measurement charts below for the Larissa Post-Surgical BraTM, the Toray HugFitTM  Radiation Bra and the Bonita Post-Surgical Bra. And remember—with surgery can come swelling—so you may want to order a band size or two bigger for comfort. Always be sure to try on your bra before surgery.

Larissa Post-Surgical Bra and Toray HugFit Bra Measurements in Inches

  • X-Small (Band 28”) measures 11" when hooked and laid flat
  • Small (Band 30”–32”) measures 12" when hooked and laid flat
  • Medium (Band 32”–34”) measures 13" when hooked and laid flat
  • Large (Band 36”–38”) measures 14" when hooked and laid flat
  • X-Large (Band 40”–42”) measures 15.5" when hooked and laid flat
  • XX-Large (Band 44”–48”) measures 16.5" when hooked and laid flat
  • Queen (Band 50”–54”) measures 17" when hooked and laid flat
  • Super Queen (Band 56”–60”) measures 18" when hooked and laid flat


Bonita Post-Surgical Bra Measurements in Inches

Measuring for Band Size
Measure around the rib cage just beneath the breast. Keep the tape snug and straight around the back. Bands run conservative in size—see note below. Suggested band size based on back measurements:

  • For 29"-32" we suggest a 34 band 
  • For 33"-34" we suggest a 36 band 
  • For 35"-39" we suggest a 38 band 
  • For 39"-41" we suggest a 40 band 
  • For 42"-43" we suggest a 42 band

Measuring for Cup Size
To find cup size, measure gently around the body across the high point or fullest point of the bust line while wearing a bra. Subtract the band size from the cup measurement just taken. This difference will help you find the right cup size:

  • 3" larger indicates C cup
  • 4" larger indicates D cup
  • 5" larger indicates DD cup

Measuring with Existing Bra in Inches
You can also use your everyday bra as a guide. Fasten your bra on the hook you wear it and lay it flat. Measure that length across and compare it with heart&core band measurements to get a true fit:

  • Our 34 band measures 12" when flat 
  • Our 36 band measures 13" when flat 
  • Our 38 band measures 14" when flat 
  • Our 40 band measures 15" when flat 
  • Our 42 band measures 16" when flat

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that our band sizes run tighter and the potential for swelling after surgery, we recommend patients order one to two band sizes larger than normal.

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