About Us

Like many of you, breast cancer has touched us personally, affecting many near and dear people in our lives. But it was our mom’s experience with breast cancer that inspired us to stand up and find a way to support others on their journey. After a very long, frustrating and fruitless day of shopping for bras during her recovery from a lumpectomy and radiation, we quickly realized there had to be a better option and—if we could not find it—we would create it. And in that one shopping trip, an idea was born.

Our mission is to create products that make a difference. To us that means understanding what women truly need to make their recovery a more positive experience. Our bras are made for real challenges, real needs and real people. Because we believe finding a great post-surgical bra should be a given, not a struggle. Because you deserve comfort in your recovery. And because for us, it’s personal.

We support you. 

Jen & Lara

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